Camille is the kind of girl who…

  • Loves coffee, drinks too much of it. Seriously. Morning and after 9 pm.
  • A fearless & gutsy traveler. I’m an advocate of checking out places on your own accord.
  • Artsy: I’m a lover of creating things, painting, drawing, and crafts.
  • I have an Ikea addiction. It’s virtually impossible for me to go into that store and not come out with something.
  • Thunderstorms frighten me. Yes I’m one of those people who cover my ears.
  • I eat a predominantly low-carb diet with lots of fresh veggies. I feel better that way.
  • I have a knack for reading people, my presumptions usually right on target.
  • Half my closet is from Forever 21 (love that store).
  • I love a good bargain ( TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls).
  • I always have my curtains open, even at night. I like to look outside at the world.
  • I walk around in my underwear. A lot.
  • I’ve been known to try on lingerie in Victoria’s Secret and come right out and say “So, what do you think?”
  • I love the beach; visit it a few times a week.
  • A good workout is vigor for the soul. Improves energy and calms the mind.
  • I don’t fall in love easily.
  • Psychology and Sociology were hands down, my favorite classes in college.
  • Leggings? Yes. I wear them entirely too much.
  • I love my Sirius satellite radio. Will never go back to regular radio. Ever.
  • Practice good skin care.  I exfoliate with a green tea scrub and use a Retinol & hyaluronic acid treatment daily.
  • I love mineral water.
  • Thinks everyone should own a passport; and utilize it.
  • I love playing with makeup, even pulling out crimson lips from time to time…
  • Photography amazes me; especially of nature. Flowers, insects; the small, otherwise unnoticed things.
  • Modeling is a favorite pastime.
  • There’s 2 main things in my kitchen at all times: Olive oil and garlic salt.
  • I love to catch the sunrise & sunset in photographs.
  • Blasting Bjork and staring up at the ceiling is something I do often.
  • German beer=love.

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