1. SPEAK YOUR MIND– Always stand up for what you believe in, if something is getting under your skin, address it; even if it means producing some friction.
  2. EXERCISE– Not only will it strengthen your heart, but the numerous other benefits: decreased body fat, a sound mind, and personal achievement are winning factors.
  3. EAT A FRESH DIET– I’m talking vegetables and fruits. And not canned (full of salt). Being that I practice a low-carb diet, vegetables are a a large part of what I consume. Not only will the fiber keep you feeling full longer, but vegetables are packed full of vitamins and minerals. Translation: good for you!
  4. HAVE A CRAFT OR HOBBY- Partake in something that benefits you mentally and physically, something that stimulates your mind. For me, it’s anything artistic, something I can create with my own two hands. For others, it might be carpentry, reading, gardening or cooking.
  5. TAKE TIME OUT FOR NATURE– Get lost in the beauty that surrounds you. Appreciate the small wonders;  birds chirping, flowers blooming, the wide open ocean. Being outside getting fresh air is always beneficial too.
  6. SOLITUDE– Many of us have our social circle, but making time for just you as equally as important. When you’re alone, it forces you to reflect and examine your own life, helping you get a better understanding of who you are.
  7. BE ORGANIZED– I’ve never been a cluttered person, but I know some who are. Not only does it make it easier to find things, but also, have an organization for your life. Organize the flow of your day, get the groceries, clean the house, laundry and make time for a cup of coffee while you’re at it.
  8. DON’T PROCRASTINATE– Above all, I can’t stand people who say they’ll do something then never do it. I think it’s important to make an effort to accomplish things. There’s personal satisfaction from completing tasks in a timely manner. You will never see a huge pile of laundry in my room or dirty dishes sitting in my sink.
  9. PRACTICE CLEANLINESS- When you have a clean home, that’s a happy home. Who wants to come home to a sloppy place? Clean your bathroom once a week, wash sheets once a week and clean up after your messes. This is a big one for me- can’t stand people who leave a mess everywhere they go. Clean it up!
  10. AVOID TOXIC PEOPLE- You know the ones. Full of negativity and bitterness. Always complaining, always gossiping. Ewww, you’re toxic. Step away and never come back to my life please.
  11. BE A BARGAIN HUNTER– This is essential, especially in today’s economical prolapse. I always frequent stores such as TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Ross to name a few. They have all the products you’d find in a department store for way less! Score!
  12. PRACTICE GOOD SKIN CARE- In my early 20’s skincare was the last thing on my mind, while I was baking in tanning salons. But now in my mid-twenties, I pay more attention to it. I slather on SPF 50-70 when at the beach or exercising outdoors. My bathroom is stocked with moisturizing creams, Alpha- hydroxy and green tea scrubs, and Retinol multivitamin anti-aging creams. Hey, it’s your skin. You only get one!
  13. TAKE CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT– Take care of the Earth, after all, it’s all we’ve got. Our survival depends on how we treat the environment. It angers me when people litter, don’t recycle, or insist on driving cars spewing burned oil and pollution out.
  14. BE RESPECTFUL- Respect other people’s property, have consideration for feelings, and always have a mutual respect for your significant other.
  15. SHARE HOUSEWORK- In this day in age, there’s no reason why men can’t help out. I’m one who believes both people in a relationship should share household responsibilities. I really take a disliking to men who expect their women to cook, clean and do the laundry, and never offer to help. My guy helps with laundry, cleans up after his mess, and does the dishes. When both people take part, it makes a home run a lot smoother, and you gain a deeper appreciation for each other.
  16. NEVER STOP LEARNING- Education is the one thing no one can ever take from you. Education shapes who we are and plays a role in overall development. Study hard in your desired field of study and in the summer months, take a class in something for fun, whether it’s Nutrition, Art History or French.
  17. HAVE A MORAL COMPASS– I never succumbed to peer pressure during those adolescent years. Perhaps from the fear my dad instilled in me and also from my own non-curious nature. Of course, always had the curiosity of a thrill but never into drugs or anything self-destructive. It’s important to know when to draw the line when it comes to things that make you uncomfortable or things you know are wrong. Don’t be a pushover.
  18. LOVE STRONG- When you start tossing around that l-o-v-e word, love without limits or fears. Nurture your relationship, feed it appropriately, with lots of listening, affection, compassion and warmth.
  19. HAVE A TOUGH SKIN– The world will chew you up and spit you out if you let it. Life is a game of survival, only the toughest will endure. Don’t sweat the small stuff. People aren’t always going to talk to you how you want or treat you the way you’d like; keep on truckin’!
  20. DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS– Be the best possible version of yourself. Not someone else who you aspire to me. Don’t try and emulate others. Focus on you, be original.
  21. FACE YOUR FEARS– You’ll be running from life forever if you don’t face what scares you most. I’m guilty of this, avoiding what scares me or makes me uncomfortable a few times, but truth is, you can’t. Inner strength comes from facing fears, making you more resilient. We always makes things out to be worse in our minds than what they really are; you’ll probably surprise yourself.
  22. DON’T LIVE OUT OF YOUR MEANS– Many of us always want what we can’t have. But when we have what we cannot afford, that presents a whole other slew of problems. Isn’t it better to live within your means and have some money by the side as opposed to slaving the dollar every month to afford over-the-top expenses?
  23. DON’T SETTLE– Maintain your personal standards, whatever they pertain to: cleanliness, relationships, parenting, dating, personal development, career. Don’t throw your hands up apathetically and accept, keep true to what you hold dear!
  24. BE OPTIMISTIC- If you let them, negative thoughts will trap you. Don’t dwell and ponder on the negative in your life, use these setbacks constructively; let them be a test to your strength of character. And remember, tomorrow could be brighter than today, you never know what life has in store for you.
  25. LOVE YOUR WORK– There’s so many people out there today who hastily got into a high-paying profession (doctors, lawyers etc.) just for the big bucks and guess what: they’re not happy. You have to passionate about your work. That way, reporting there everyday seems like less of a chore but something you look forward to everyday.
  26. BE INDEPENDENT- Never put yourself in a position where your sole survival depends on another. Make your own money, have your own car. Rely on you to make things happen and get things done, no one else. There’s a certain strength that comes from being independent.