When I was younger I had a garden. I planted and transplanted everything from herbs to lilies. I even made a little path running through it, outlined the garden sections with stone, and added some upright logs so people could sit and just ponder life for awhile. I was meticulous, raking leaves and other debris that were in the way. It had to be clutter-free, much like my own life current day. Fast forward to right now…Unfortunately most apartment complexes don’t offer a small lawn for gardening, so, I’ve been thinking of what I could do to make up for this shortcoming. With summer right around the corner, temperatures rising, the days becoming longer, I wanted to do something with the deck outside my bedroom.

I’ve kind of fallen into a routine in the mornings. The über- important task is brewing my pot of coffee (caffeine addict!), and then secondly to go out on my deck, gaze upon the ocean. There’s an undeniable calm and tranquility that I get from getting lost in the ripple of the waves, the subtle scent of salt hanging in the morning air…Originally hailing from Ohio, I bask in the enjoyment of having the ocean breeze greet me every morning. But there was something missing, even from my having the ocean within arm’s reach.

Some flowers!

I had to spruce up my deck somehow and I thought, I’ll bring that same childhood garden that once flourished to my deck- on a smaller scale :). Flowers never fail to put a smile on someone’s face. They’re universal symbols of happiness, love, friendship, vitality, and in addition, small reminders of the beauty of nature. So I went out, gathered some colorful perennials, some terracotta pots, and the creative juices began flowing…

Given my artistic nature, I couldn’t just have some regular old terracotta pots, I had to jazz it up, give it some extra kick. So I painted them bright, cheery colors, even putting polka dots on the biggest one. I just love creating things, it’s more personal and you get a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you made that and didn’t buy it.

Anyway, thought I’d share my little summery tidbit.

Art + flowers= happiness

Welcome summer!