So after attending the Orlando model Meet & Greet, I fiddled through the pile of business cards stuffed in my purse. Looked at them, mentally noting which ones to shoot with; yes, no, yes, no, maybe… but then I signed into my profile on notable model and photographer site and checked out the photographers I had on there already, and reviewed their talents. Bingo! Spotted one. Known as Abbazia (first name Al), the man had talent when it came to shooting retro and vintage inspired shoots, with special attention to pinup revival. Of the three years I’ve modeled, I hadn’t found a respectable enough vintage photographer to work with, but this time, looking over his portfolio, I believed I had met a ‘pinup God’. I scheduled a shoot with him right away.

Pinup has always held a quaint, sweet spot in my heart. I’ve always been attracted to the way the women looked of the era; the big, gleaming smiles, the crimson rouge on the lips, the curvy hips, stockings and garter belts, the undeniable sexiness they possessed without even trying.

There’s some photographers that you click with and others, not so much. From the model’s point of view, it’s important for the model and photographer to meet at some common ground, be on the same page as to what they’re trying to capture, as a team. With Abbazia, this was effortless. We began the shoot with 80’s music playing in the background (music always makes any shoot more fun and relaxing), me laughing at his jokes, and trying to tune his Labrador dog out, as she wanted all the attention on her, instead of me. 😀

We did three looks, one with a green metallic corset from which had been sitting in my closet, dying to be used for over one year now, another with a retro navy blue striped Victoria’s Secret number, and one with a cocktail hat and a purple corset. And fishnets? You bet your sweet ass. This is what we came up with…

My absolute favorite

This one was a little more burlesque inspired, but nevertheless, came out great too.

A take on burlesque...

I’m in love with how Abbazia revives vintage advertisements…

The man knows what he’s doing, and that is why, I will definitely welcome a future invitation for anymore pinup and burlesque photographic adventures. Viva la pinup!