The cafe at Ikea

One of the perks of moving to Orlando was having an Ikea within arm’s reach. I’ve followed this Swedish furniture giant for years, always having a kind of magnetism toward their blissfully modern, simplistic, European inspired design. When it comes to interior design, I’ve always gravitated toward the modern, the contemporary. I steer clear of country decor, wood paneling, or otherwise boring, traditional wood and white walls combo. I’m a lover of color, not one who can live in a house of gray, white or taupe. A few years ago, my last apartment I inhabited before moving down to Florida, I went on a color rampage, painting it floor to ceiling. The dining room was a sage green, living room a cranberry red (striking) and my bedroom an applesauce color. It’s amazing what color can do for a home!

If you’ve never been to an Ikea store, you gotta go. It’s unlike any other furniture store you’ve been to. Not only are their products different to the Western eye, they are also conventional and simple. Forget about cluttered, complicated room models; you won’t find them here. One ongoing theme when you walk through Ikea is their emphasis on utilizing space. Many of their model rooms explain the total square footage and furniture pieces contained within that room. Ikea is all about making use of what is at your disposal. Many of their shelves come with drawers for extra storage; beds come with under the mattress storage drawers; closets come readily organized, with a place for everything. This is one thing I’ve come to admire about Ikea, because I’m an organization junkie- everything has to be in its place, and messes cleaned up. Ikea helps me dwindle further into my organizational ways. 😀


Living room/Dining

One of the highlights of shopping at Ikea is after you’re done, you can trot over the cafe, where fresh Swedish dishes are whipped up daily. The food is tasty and wallet-friendly. I usually go for the salmon and mixed vegetables, along with a sweet tea.

Let's dig in to some Swedish goodness!

Now that I’ve got some money set aside, I plan on going there to buy this Expedit bookshelf . I’ve been eyeing it for months. Every time I stop in at Ikea, it teases me with it’s storage space and sleek design…buy me, buy me!

I’m also a fan of this wine rack. I saw many of these on my trip to Norway back in 2008. I love how the wine sits in there horizontally. Cool, modern stainless steel design. Love…

Wall mountable!

Ikea is easily a place I could go crazy in, but, one item at a time. There’s no joy in excess. One gains a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when they travel that steep trail to the goal, one step at a time…