1. Music– I’m very eclectic and random when it comes to music, most of the stuff I like, is more underground and on the Indie side, but I also appreciate a few mainstream artists. I can go from classics like Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra to more current day, electronica like Deadmau5 or pop like Kate Nash. See? Told you I was random.

2. Nature– there’s nothing in the media today that can compare to the sound of waves, the ambient trickle of rain, or the power of a beautiful sunny day to lighten your mood.  Go outside, explore, and appreciate it.

3. Dancing– talk about freedom of expression. Doesn’t matter what kind of moves you got, as long as your confident in yourself and feel free, go on with it!

4. Traveling– I think everyone should own a passport, and utilize it. There’s a whole world out there, waiting to be discovered. There’s something satisfying about embarking on an adventure where nothing is as it seems, nothing is what you’re used to. Traveling enables you to gain a sense of humility, and realize that, not everything is how you see it. This gives you a deeper sense of appreciation for the differences in people around the globe. Now go get that passport!

5. Art– Gustav Klimt, Henry Matisse, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe, Jack Vettriano…I could go on. I love art. Love the diversity of it, the freeness of it, the uncensored nature enabling art to be whatever you want it to be…

6. Photography– Upon investing in a new camera, I’ve taken advantage of the many beautiful spots Florida has to offer, photographing mostly nature (flowers, leaves, trees, water, sunsets, etc.). I love how excited I get when I wake up to a beautiful sunny day, opening the door a new wave of possibilities in photography.

7.) Coffee– Okay, this is a big one. I am definitely one of those with a caffeine addiction, it’s bad. I think it started when I began college, it helped me to stay up late doing homework. I can drink coffee all day, everyday. I typically have 3 cups in the morning, and some at night. Yes I’m one of those people who will have a cup at 8:30 pm. I just love coffee. It’s become part of my morning routine for the past 6 years.

8.) Crafts– I’ve always been a creative individual, love to make things with my hands, whether it be painting pots, ceramics, creating wreaths, christmas crafts, anything really. I’m dangerous in craft stores; if I plan to go in for one item I come out with ten.

9.) Hiking– love to be outdoors, especially with my camera in tow. Florida boasts many state parks which are ideal for good exercise and getting in touch with nature.

10.) The ocean– The ocean shares many admirers around the world; the sea means something special to each person. I find the ocean calming, better than any medicine out there. To go and just relax, drifting off into a daydream, hear the gradual approach of the waves, the occasional seagull flying above, the smell of the sea…nothing compares. It beats any residential pool. I live in walking distance of the ocean now, and I take full advantage of it, being outdoors often.

11.) Sushi– This was a gradual like; in high school, the mere thought of touching raw fish disgusted me, but, they say your taste buds change every seven years, so, I grew a salivary appreciation for it. I’m not really a fan of tempura, as it makes me feel full and bloated quickly. I typically go for anything with eel, cream cheese, cucumber, tuna, crab or salmon. Tasty, healthy, not to mention a good dose of Iodine (beneficial for the thyroid).

12.) Flowers– I know, it’s so cliché , but I don’t care. I’m a girl who never gets tired of flowers. They’re the classic sign of adoration, love, and happiness; not to mention, the smell of fresh flowers in a home is intoxicating.

13.) Modeling– I’ve been modeling now for about 3.5 years, and I love it. It’s always fun to mold yourself into something and be a  photographer’s creative canvas. I enjoy the freedom and diversity that comes with it.

14.) Low-Carb diet– My diet consists of a lot of vegetables, poultry and beef. I limit carbohydrate intake to about twice a week, but it’s always a whole grain carbohydrate. I drink soda rarely, I think once or twice a month if that. And fast food? Let’s just say that happens once a month. I’ve found that since revamping my diet I’ve become leaner, healthier, feel better, and hey, dropping a few pant sizes never hurt anybody right?

15.) Shopping– Okay so this one might as well be synonymous with being female but, it’s always fun to invest in some retail therapy every now and then. Some of my favorite retail jaunts: Forever 21, New York & Company, Charlotte Russe, Ross, TJ Maxx, even Target. I’ve always been a bargain hunter, a frugal fashionista.

16.) Laughter– There’s something powerful and infectious about laughter that does benefits for our soul.

17.) Photo-editing– This is something I’ve recently found I am pretty damn good at, considering never taking a course in it. I could do this all day, I get very excited upon returning from a photo adventure and can’t wait to play with the shadows, brightness, saturation, and other changeable factors of a photograph. Fun stuff!

18.) German Beer– okay so this is partly due to me being together with Martin, but, without trying to sound unpatriotic, American beer doesn’t hold a candle to German beer! German beer is heartier, more robust, and all around tastier. My favorites: Paulaner, , Franziskaner.

19.) Tim Burton films– Although I don’t spend a whole lot of time in front of the television, I do deeply appreciate director Tim Burton’s creative genius in filmography. He’s the brainchild of the Batman movies, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare before Christmas, and my personal favorite, Big Fish. There’s a creative, colorful look to his films. And also a sense of wonder and fantasy, but at times also a melancholic disposition that I’m attracted to. Great producer.

20.) Makeup– I love makeup, love experimenting with different colors, love being a girl. Enough said?

21.) Norway– I went there about 3 years ago, it was my first trip out of the USA, and I welcomed it with open arms. The country boasts an amazing landscape (fjords, rocky terrain, winding waterways), the food is predominantly from the sea (lots of prawns, fish, lobster, etc.) and the country boasts some of the best chocolate this side of the moon.

22.) My iPod– Although a possession, I’ve become dependent upon this handy little gadget from Apple to get me through the day with my tunes.

23.) Pencil skirts– Love them, a throwback to retro, and rightfully so, since they play up the female shape. Classy and sexy.

24.) My camera– I’m a self-professed camera whore, taking pictures of everything. I take it with me wherever I go, I snap pictures of things that grab my interest. I love to record life in front of the camera.

24.) My family– without them I wouldn’t be who I am today. They helped me come into my own, I’m grateful everyday for their strict ways, forcing me to do chores, finish homework, setting curfews, instilling a good work ethic in me, it was a sometimes interesting ride to adult, but looking back, I’m happy of the things they did to get me here.

26.) Cooking– I love to cook; I’m not one of those ‘microwave queens’, blasting my shelf-life food with rays of radiation. I don’t buy those frozen meals or TV dinners (hello, sodium overdose!) I tend to cook everything fresh, I use a lot of vegetables, olive oil (a must), garlic salt, and an array of other spices. Some of the dishes I frequently whip up can be seen in the post, https://camilligence.wordpress.com/2010/12/20/you-are-what-you-eat/.

27.) Being myself!!! 🙂