I was never one of those kids that Mom worried about due to a bizarre addiction to candy, to the point of tooth decay. I would, on occasion, enjoy a cookie or cinnamon roll just like any other child, but I never ate candy like it was my job. Fast forward 20 or so years…I’ve recently discovered the edible beauty that is Toblerone.  The chocolate was developed in Bern, Switzerland in 1908 by Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann. Although more abundant in European countries, the chocolate can be found in stores in the U.S. such as World Market and sometimes Wal-Mart, although their selection is limited. I like World Market better because they offer more international products, thus, have more of a selection.

It’s hard to eat just a few pieces. I’ve been known to sometimes put away a whole bar! My favorite is the white chocolate. All the Toblerone bars come in a distinct triangular shape, and vary from milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. The chocolate bars are loaded with honey and nougat, and also come in different variations especially around the holidays.

I find myself reaching for these every time I make a stop at World Market. They  just make my day go by better, calmer, sweeter :-). I recommend you go try one of these tastebud delights and you’ll see why mine are hopelessly addicted! Cheers!