Often times, when I want to escape, to get away from life, I tend to reach out toward nature.  Something like a deep walk in a forest, sitting on coquina rocks at the edge of the ocean, or admiring botanical wonders, all put me at ease. I don’t use television as an outlet.  Never watched much, although I have a few shows I’ve stayed faithful to over the years, revisiting from time to time (Anthony Bourdain: No reservations, House, Seinfeld, That 70’s Show).  I’ve never been one of those who can sit for hours upon hours in front of the TV, eyes glazing over the screen.  I’m more apt to look out of the window, see the big blue sky, admire the pelicans and seagulls surfing on the breeze, and get out and explore the day.

The beach house is close by.  The amenities include a sauna, steam room, workout area, outdoor pool and a jacuzzi.  I’ve gone there many a time; in the summer to lay out and get a little bronze. In the spring to sit at the table, finishing my school work, occasionally getting distracted by the deep blue ocean. In the fall and winter, I bask in the jacuzzi while a cold, crisp ocean breeze nips at my nose. I love the quiet, undisturbed setting of the beach house.  Sitting there in the jacuzzi on a cold winter’s night, looking up at the stars and getting lost in the thought…the waves crashing along the coast…

Beach house