While taking a spontaneous daytime cruise in my car one day, I stumbled upon Washington Oaks state park, in the Flagler beach area.  The park boasted beautiful gardens and unique coquina rock formations along the coastline.  I decided to check it out.  The gardens itself were aesthetically pleasing, with orange groves, rose gardens, a Japanese garden with Koi, and various winding paths around the park.

Hanging moss over pond

In the Japanese garden

Friendly Koi

I went over to the Rose garden after checking out the Japanese garden, the intoxicating scent of different species of roses greeted me.  I kind of went photo-happy here, but got a lot of beautiful shots.

My favorite from the Rose garden

I liked this rose's random pink & white colors

Simple pink rose

Saturating color

White rose, simple & elegant

After the rose garden,  I headed to the oceanside part of the park to check out the coquina rock formations.  It’s believed that these rock formations originated from the last glacial ice age some 100,000 years ago.  When the sea level dropped, these formations became exposed.

Tide rolling in between coquina rock

Waves crashing along coquina rock

I loved all the little depressions filled with seawater...

The coolest thing about the rock formations was that you could walk on them, just had to be careful not to get too close to the ocean, as there were no guardrails.  You wandered at your own risk, to put it bluntly.


Some of the rock formations reminded me of donuts...

Walking further down the coast, the rocks that were down in the sand and not elevated were covered in a rich green sea moss.

Mossy rocks